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Universal Heart Dance
@ Boom Festival 2022
27 July, 21:00 @ Prana Shala – Being Fields

We are so honored to be part of the program of Boom Festival 2022 !
Such a special festival to us, as it is the place where we met for the first time !

After many editions as Boomers, time has come for us to share with you our creation !

So it is with big joy that we invite you to join us for
a Sacred Trance-Dance Ceremony on our own original music.

Let’s go consciously into the Trance & Movement Medecine,
in order to free Body, Soul and Spirit to express fully
the Wonderful Being which IS in you !

Let’s join the multidimensional “space-craft” and dance together,
as a Strong and caring Tribe, honoring
life, mother-earth, natural elements, animals and cosmos…

We’ll start by an energy-preparation session going through :
Om attuning

Energetic cleansing
Energetic Sacred-Geometries Activations

Then the musical dancing journey will start,
and we’ll connect to
Natural Elements
Animal Spirits
Cosmic Energies
Universal Life-Force

In order to

Create, Vibrate, Manifest, Embody & Dance
our Most beautiful & Joyful Reality !!!



27 July – 21:00


Take with you something to use as a blindfold
(foulard, scarf…)

Let’s Dance and Celebrate together the beautiful Experience to be ALIVE !

Love & Light
Audrey & Emanuele
World AE

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